Noel’s amazing skateboarding photo gallery

By Noel Vasquez, 18
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Photo by Noel Vasquez, 18

I met Nick, Victor, Mike, and Smurf at Hollywood High School just hanging out. They got bored with skating at the high school and wanted to find another place to skate. I introduced myself as a photographer that was trying to expand his portfolio. We took a trip to Santa Monica, looking for some places to skate. We wound up at Venice Beach where they skated all over. The day ended up with 5 rolls all used up, and with a few new places to skate.

Skateboarding is something to do when school ends and before you go to sleep. It can be a full time career or just something to do with friends. Finding new places to skate is half the fun. If you find a good place, cops won’t come by and harass you. The skaters view is that they’re just trying to hang out but the cops see it as vandalism and defacing public property. Like any other sport, you meet up with friends and ‘play’ all day long ’till it’s time to go home.