<< Friendship is enough

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“Yeah, sure they can, as long as feelings aren’t involved because then it gets all complicated. I have a lot of girl friends.”
Jesse Ardon, 17, Fairfax HS 
“No, people get hurt. When guys who are my friends like me they flirt with me and make it awkward. I just stop talking to them. Once you start liking each other it’s not the same anymore.”
Pauline Saligumba, 14, Wilson MS (Glendale)
“Yeah, because not everyone is interested in a relationship.”
Alex Carrion, 15, Palisades HS
“I don’t know, because if you’re together for so long you can develop feelings for the other person. I had a group of guy friends and I eventually had feelings for one of them, but our friendship became awkward because they figured it out.”
Jennifer Villalobos, 16, Lennox Academy (Hawthorne)
“Yeah, it doesn’t matter. Anyone can just be friends with anyone.”
Benjamin Bustamante, 14, Palisades HS
“I don’t know. If one person has feelings for the other I don’t think it’s possible.”
Chantelle Moghadam, 17, Viewpoint School (Calabasas)
“Yes, they can be friends. Most of my girl friends’ best friends are guys. It doesn’t have to become a relationship because if you start by having so much in common, then the girl and guy will start looking at each other more as brother and sister.”
Sarah Barnes, 14, New Village Charter HS
“Yeah, because not all guys and girls are attracted to each other.”
Jennifer Flores, 14, Fairfax HS