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“Before I thought it was kind of awkward and not so girly-like. But now I’m in high school and I think it’s perfectly fine for a girl to ask out a guy. And it doesn’t always have to be the guy paying for everything. It can be the girl or half and half. That’s how girls feel more independent. I’ve seen so many cases where the guys always ask the girls out and the girls are the shy ones. But now the girls can ask out the guys and the guys feel good!”
Lucero Garcia, 17, Animo Locke HS #1
“Yes, because such a decision shouldn’t be driven in such a traditional, biased way. Girls should have the freedom to ask a guy out if they want.”
Saul Vera, 17, Chavez Learning Academies (San Fernando)
“I think a girl shouldn’t have to wait on a guy to ask her out. If they really like somebody they should go for it.”
Adriana Lopez, 17, Chavez Learning Academies
“This girl asked me to a school dance. It was a turnoff and I didn’t like it. It seemed like she was desperate. I said no. If it was someone I liked I would say yes but I think I should ask her.”
Brandon Lee, 15, Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies
“Just because a girl asks, it doesn’t make the man less of a man. My girlfriend was the one that asked me out and I am perfectly OK with that. I felt awkward because I’m so used to guys doing everything first. But I learned that it’s mutual so it could be a girl asking a guy out or a guy asking a girl out.”
Nery Garrido, 17, Animo Locke HS #1
“My first girlfriend asked me out. She was talking to me and got my number. We started texting and about two months later she asked me, ‘Will you be my boyfriend?’ I felt weird but I was happy that she did it. I’m shy and I wasn’t taking the hint that she liked me. I was just guessing that she was talking to me because she’s a really nice person. But I’m glad she did because it was a nice relationship.”
Tyler Bradshaw, 16, Redondo Union HS
“I think it’s OK. It’s the 21st century. I asked a guy out but when he said no I played it off because he’s my best friend. I would never do it again unless I really liked the person. If I got rejected I’d be embarrassed.” 
Aileen Lee, 17, Crescenta Valley HS
“I think it’s fine because I’m against gender roles. Making guys in charge of asking someone out puts all the pressure on males. The other problem is that it creates an awkward situation for girls because if they do like someone, they can’t ask them out.”
Austin Skootsky, 16, Hamilton HS
“No, because the guy is the one who is supposed to because he’s the man. I have a cousin whose girlfriend asked him to go out. I thought it was cool and nice, but on the other hand I think that a guy should be the one to ask her. Don’t sit down and expect a girl to take you out. You should get up and take initiative.” 

Victor Otuya, 18, Fremont HS