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Now that the temperature has dropped and it’s time to bundle up, L.A. Youth asked its staff writers what they like to do when it’s cold outside.

"When it’s cold I like to make hot apple cider. We just got our fireplace fixed so I have to start a fire now and read a nice-sized book. The firewood we have burns for three hours so the book has to last for three hours."
Stacey Avnes, 14, Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies

"When it’s raining I’ll call a friend of mine. She’ll come over and we’ll have a Friends marathon."
Jackie Rosen, 16, Palisades Charter HS

"I stay at home and watch movies."
Delila Milanes, 15, Lynwood HS

"When it’s cold I like to roll myself up in a ball under the covers and watch TV."
Jacky Garcia, 15, Lynwood HS

"I like to go outside more because living in L.A., it’s always hot."
Jasper Nahid, 14, New Roads School (Santa Monica)

"I stay inside and have a fire and watch TV."
Gabe Andreen, 16, Pilgrim School

"I like being outside when it’s cold."
Ashley Hansack, 15, King Drew Medical Magnet HS

"When it’s cold outside I like to get in my bed and sleep."
Carla Love, 16, William & Carol Ouchi HS

"I like to go outside and listen to music on my iPod."
Patricia Chavarria, 17, Cesar Chavez HS

"I like to get in my winter gear—scarf, gloves, a blanket—and get on my couch and watch TV."
Crystal Huh, Crescenta Valley HS

"I like taking a really hot shower and going to sleep with the radio on."
Brett Hicks, 17, Loyola HS

"I don’t like the cold. I’ll do my homework."
Lucas Cielak, 16, Loyola HS