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Rocio Frausto, 16, Garfield HS: "It's big."

Photo by Melissa Gonzalez, 17, Roosevelt HS

Big hair is cool, but it is rare. There are all types, like spikes, afros, wild and punkish. It seems that the hair in these pictures has a life of its own. It's saying "Look at me, I am unique." Everyone seems to know you when you have big hair even if they don't know your name. You stand out more. And if you ever cut it, people will ask why you did it. These teens have a lot of guts to wear their hair however they want. It takes courage to deal with the constant questions, staring and people trying to touch your hair. Not to mention what your mom might say. It's good to know that in our country we have freedom of hair!
—Genesis Morales, 16, CALS Early College HS