PHOTO GALLERY: Amazing boxes that capture personality

By Ana Cikara and Karina Levitas, (both) 17, Monroe High School
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The Ramones by Dulce Ramirez, 9th grade, Lincoln HS Girl's Inc. project

If you always wished you could just get a personality into a box, well … here you go. It was inspiring to see the amazingly creative, tiny art boxes at the Women Beyond Borders show at the UCLA Fowler Museum. There are beautiful waterfalls, divers, chains, animals, feathers, spirits, mirrors and all kinds of other things to look at. With a vast array of interpretations, the boxes comment on politics, religion, feminism and extremely personal conflicts.

The project began in 1992 when artists Lorraine Serena and Elena Siff invited women around the world to create their own statements, each starting with the same 3 1/2-inch by 2-inch box. Today, more than 1000 artists have contributed boxes, and they have been displayed around the world. About 150 are currently on exhibit.

The Fowler has taken the show a step further with Youth Beyond Borders where boxes created by young people in L.A. are on display. To see boxes created by students from Culver City and Marshall high schools, visit the Fowler on the campus of UCLA. For more information call (310) 825-4361 or see the Web site at

We got so inspired that we made our own boxes. You should, too!