By Nattalie Tehrani, 17, South HS (Torrance)
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The pop-rock band Jimmy Inglish is a sonic rarity. Their lyrics are unlike any I have ever heard. From fairytale romance-esque to messages about love and life, the band is fearless. For a new band, they are not afraid to say no to producers and make unconventional videos about taking love advice from your grandfather. I think the band is an absolute breath of fresh air compared to the assembly line bands we find ourselves listening to. I recently caught up with Jimmy Inglish, the Texans-bred frontman, who now lives in North Hollywood.

What is the hardest part of being a band?

Right now it’s so early, but getting a steady lineup is the hardest part. It’s under my name so a lot of kids dig what I do. It’s one thing to find kids that like what you’re doing and are willing to work hard on songs and are willing to actually put all of themselves into it, but you really got to give it a lot if you want to go out and do something.

What’s the chemistry like between you and your bandmates?
What I’m trying to do is pop so there will always be creative differences. … But actually writing pop songs you got to be down with the hooks and be anal about what you do. A lot of kids will come in the band and be like, “Change this.” I found two other kids finally who are just down to get into a routine.

Do you write most of the lyrics?
Yeah I write all of them, all the melodies, all the lyrics, all the guitar parts, everything.  Everything on the EP is all composed by me.

When will your EP be on iTunes?

Early May, but people can order them from me. I get a good amount of requests to send them out. I draw little designs on the CDs, like some evil cats.

Is there a re-occurring message in your music?

No, absolutely not. … Coming out of high school [you’re] definitely still trying to find out who you are. If there are certain messages that I can portray, as far as, like, “Love is the answer” then that’s definitely a message I would like to apply on an everyday basis because life’s all about people and the connections you make with other people. On the other end though, I have songs that are polar opposites with each other. In a sense I’m kind of making fun of myself, teenage relationships and emo song writing.

Our generation is very concerned with labeling bands today, and people are more focused on categorizing rather than the sound. Do you see your band already being labeled or categorized?
Definitely. Actually, I don’t really pay that much attention to that kind of thing. As far as emo, I look at emo as more of a style of dress … I know its something that’s going to happen but as long as the kids are having fun then it’s really something I can’t control.

So far, is the music industry taking a toll on you? Have there been days when you just felt done with it?
No. There’s never a time where I’ve felt done with it. There are times where I’m so focused on my music and I’m trying to get this one line perfect, but sometimes I just have to step back … There are producers that I would talk to that would just tell me stuff about making yourself a product, and sadly it is. I have a reluctance to slip into that but at the same time it’s hard. … You just have to shop around for different producers. You’ve got to find someone that enjoys what you’re doing so you can keep that credibility.

From here, after your EP, what’s next?

I want to go on tour, and get the band set and everything. There’s going to be some shows around L.A., then we’re going to try and get on tour with some other bands.

Growing up what did you listen to?

Well growing up, I think as everybody does, I would listen to really lame stuff, songs on the radio like Celine Dion “My Heart Will Go On.” There was a certain point where I got into a more aggressive type of pop; I definitely love pop. Blink 182 definitely got me into a lot of stuff. I’ve [always] been into pop and I’ve considered that a main part of my musical taste. I think everything I listen to definitely has a strong influence on what I do.

Do you have anything that you want to say to your fans?

I just want to say thanks to everybody and let them know that a lot of new projects are coming out soon. The EP will be out on iTunes (on May 1st) and we’ll be on tour soon so come out and see us.