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Art exhibit promotes unity between blacks and Latinos

Best in Show winner Jocelyn Guerrero, 18, Manuel Arts

Photo by Cathleen McCaffery, 17, Marlborough School

Artists from several ICEF charter schools, Garfield High School and Manuel Arts High School conveyed a message of unity through paintings, drawings and graphic art for the Colors for Unity art exhibition: no color lines at the Norm Maxwell Gallery in Los Angeles on May 30. Most of the artists described the racial tension between blacks and Latinos at their schools and in their communities as “stupid,” and it is stupid. Using a palette of different skin tones, from the palest pale to the darkest dark, the artists showed how our city, and even our world, should be.
Cathleen McCaffery, 17, Marlborough School

Click on the link above to see photos of the artwork and read statements from the artists.